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LinkedIn will offer Pulse

LinkedIn is on the verge make an offer between 50 and 100 million dollars to offer news content aggregate Pulse.

offer news content

By paying between 50 and 100 million, LinkedIn should drop the content aggregator Pulse in his wallet. It is reported that several sources "familiar with the matter", whose remarks were reported by the blog All Things Digital.

LinkedIn, however, should fight hard as it is far from being the only one in the starting blocks to provide a nugget Pulse: Microsoft and Yahoo are also in the running. I must say that Pulse is available on platforms iOS, Android and as a web application, already has over 20 million users, which together read more than 10 million articles daily. Also according Pulse, the number of users grows very quickly: 1 million more per month.

Very active regarding the acquisition of promising start-ups, has already offered LinkedIn CardMunch, SlideShare.
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