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A black box in your helmet : "Helmet Of Justice"

Sports accessories are many to take advantage of technological advances. If some become connected and turned toward the social, others are adorned cameras when they were originally designed for the protection of your head. The "Helmet Of Justice" is a helmet with a black box on board.

black box in your helmet

"black box" it is more often a question of data collectors, seven cameras inside this helmet act if its wearer, cyclist, skater, skier, etc., will be victim of an accident. The idea of ​​having a helmet with a 360 ° view came after hit and run that John Poindexter, an employee of Chaotic Moon, the design studio behind the helmet was the victim.

When the "Helmet of Justice" detects a shock with its accelerometer, cameras are put into action, saving up to two hours after the accident. Future versions may save the data output or even take photos. For now, the agency seeks partnerships with sports equipment for a price of around 300 $.
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