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Julian Assange: the United States, a threat to Internet

The creator of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, reclusive since June 2012 at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, decided to break the silence. His message: the United States came into propaganda against China and increasingly monitor Internet users, threatening their freedom.

creator of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange

A few days before the release of his book "Threats to our freedom, How the Internet is spying on us, how to resist" (which is a summary of this episode cypherpunks with Jacob Appelbaum, Andy Müller-Maguhn,
and Jérémie Zimmermann), Julian Assange decided to speak to the press, after months of media silence.

His message mainly concerns countries that hunt since he was released on WikiLeaks about 250,000 diplomatic cables: the United States. About their recent intervention in the media against China, which they accuse the army of harboring hackers to spy on the United States, Julian Assange meets the weekly The Point: "For three months, the propaganda is in full swing: certainly, cyber attacks come from China, but they are at least as important if not insidious coming from the West. Ditto for censorship. '

The U.S. government in the boot of the NSA
The hacktivist Australian accuses the 41-year U.S. government to be more under the influence of the secret services, including the NSA (National Security Agency). This is worrying in the sense this country has an undeniable impact on the future of the Internet in the world: "It is the Americans who are behind the web and when they change something, has an impact on all users around the world, "he explained in Point. It particularly emphasizes the use of large companies by the U.S. government, "informs Google NSA. Whenbeginning of April 2010, Google was attacked by pirates, it is the NSA took his defense (...) Google is merging with the traditional instruments of power in the United States. ' 

The U.S. government in the boot of the NSA
Headquarters of the National Security Agency, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, United States.

 It is also on the microblogging site Twitter, which, according to him, resisted well in the past, pressure from the FBI wanted to monitor users. But this resistance was released last year, as shown, for example, the recent closure of an Anonymous account in Sweden, followed by 60,000 followers. 
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