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Google Keep : new rival to Evernote

Google offers its own notepad, to transcribe voice notes, create lists, but also add photos. It is available online and on Android and comes to rest in Evernote competitor.

Drive connected to Google, Google is the new service Keep notebook's Internet giant: This free service allows to create notes and store them in the cloud staff. Thus, the notes are accessible from any other device. This synchronization system, on which Google relies heavily, is already used on the online office suite Documents.

Google Keep lets you save links, photos, record voice memos ... It is available both online and on Android 4.0.3 "Ice Cream Sandwich" and later versions. His aesthetic is colorful in the service of practice: you can use color codes to identify notes faster, as well as the archive by dragging them with his finger on mobile.

At its launch last Monday, the site was quickly posted a 404. The service is now restored. 

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