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How Ecommerce Players Explain a Sales Funnel System

Lead Conversion is certainly one of the biggest challenges any ecommerce website owners are facing today. In the strength of competition between other players in your industry, truly, the challenge of getting sales gets harder and harder every day. So, how do ecommerce players see a sales funnel system ?

How Ecommerce Players Explain a Sales Funnel System

To reiterate, traffic is the first that goes into the sales funnel system. It includes both low-quality traffic and high-quality traffic. Before we determine the quality of the traffic that goes into the system, you have to first identify where the traffic comes from:

Organic Search - traffic coming from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Referral Traffic - other websites where you have been given a backlink to, or through a banner or skyscraper ad, or maybe those blogs and forums you have commented on. It is just basically the traffic coming from other websites.

Direct Traffic - this is the kind of traffic that goes to your website because they know what your URL is.

PPC Traffic - traffic coming from Search Engines but enters through a PPC ad they see online.

All the traffic coming from the above sources are good, but take a look at your bounce rates and see how much of these traffic coming from all these sources are bouncing off because of the following reasons:

- When they arrived to your website, your website does not have the content (or relevance to a certain degree) that they are looking forward to.

- Your website loads too slowly, they almost fell asleep waiting.

- Your website design looks too crowded with so much information, it drives them crazy.

- Your website navigation is awful; they seem to get lost in the middle of the checkout process.

- They don't agree with your terms and conditions, pricing, and probably payment systems.

- Your website doesn't seem to look secure enough for ecommerce transactions.

- Your blog just got hacked by Yemenis or Turkish hacking team.

All the above bottlenecks are challenging your way to convert all the hard-earned traffic that goes into your site into a lead, more so, a sale. Studying the bounce rates on the keywords queries you have coming from your Analytics account is something that you should consider doing often. This should also be accompanied with a goal funnel system analysis and evaluating the kind of sales funnel system that you have. When you get your data, always ask yourself "Now What?" and translate your data into an insight to be able to create an action plan or strategies that will make you overcome those bottlenecks.

Good and efficient ecommerce players would always look into creating and recreating their system to make it more appealing to their audiences to be able to capture and maximize the amount of traffic that comes into their system. These traffic have been worked-hard for and paid for, and there's no way ecommerce players would want to waste such valuable traffic.

Lastly, the end point of a sales funnel system is to be able to capture those who have successfully reached the sale point, keep them, get in touch with them, and take care of them to achieve trust and loyalty. This is why email newsletters for more promotional products and discounts are being created-it is to recapture the converted traffic into purchasing more products in the future and as well as recommend a website to others as well. This also challenges the ecommerce players to work on improving customer service and technical assistance to ensure clients of optimum quality service all the time.

A website is not at all useful when it doesn't get the traffic that it should get, and when it does receive traffic, it should be deriving it effectively into leads and then sales.

By: Glen B Chavez

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