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Adobe Photoshop Touch for Smartphones

Technology has significantly enhanced the level of creativity in different aspects of aesthetics. Designing, photography, music etc. are heavily influenced with the introduction of technology. Likewise, software technology has introduced one of the famous photo editing tools which most of the people use called Adobe Photoshop. It provides a variety of filters, photo editing options like layers, adjustments and pixel selection tools to edit a digital copy of an image.

In previous years tablet version of Photoshop, Photoshop Touch, was introduced to assist its users in performing photograph editing operations on their tablets. Recently, Adobe has introduced this application with its smart-phone version. The company announced on 26th Feb, 2013 Photoshop Touch for various Android and iOS devices on their respective application stores. Features of the smartphone version are similar to the one on the tablet, few of which are listed as:

  •     Painting effects and filter brushes, which provide a more professional touch to the photograph or any image being processed.
  •     With Photoshop Touch, projects can be shared directly to Facebook or Twitter profile without downloading the image, first onto the local machine and then uploading it to Social media.
  •     Brush strokes, shadow effects can be easily applied in the image by using the direct reflexes of fingers instead of using an external peripheral, which requires additional practice and training for perfecting the stokes.
  •     Camera feature is included in Photoshop Touch to add more creative layers in the photograph by using the camera feed of smart-phone.
  •     Scribble selection has also been included for selecting the parts of an image with high precision, guided by the finger movement. This assists in proper selection of hard-to-select image areas like hair, eye-lids etc. through its refined edge selection feature.
  •     Device synchronization between smartphones, tablets and laptops machines is added so that a user can resume the project from the last saved point. Creative Cloud service is needed for this purpose, which is a free cloud service with about 2 GB of free storage space.

The most popular features of Adobe Photoshop are also included with simple interface, designed according to the small screen layout of the app. Features like layers, adjustments and filters, advanced selection tools, color adjustment tool, acrylic paints option and tone correction makes this app more user-friendly. This becomes easier for routine users of Photoshop tool to easily get used to with this tablet and smartphone app and carry on their editing projects anywhere.

Christa Joe is a keen blogger and enjoys reading and writing about the recent technology. Software development, mobile software development and mobile applications are some of her key area of interests. She's also a freelance writer and write for various software technology blogs. Follow her at her Google+ profile.

By: Christa Joe

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