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Playstation 4 revolutionary

As everyone expected, Sony just dropped the piece: the PlayStation 4 will arrive by the end of the year. For the moment, only a few details have been released and no pictures of the beast has been shown, but it will be well in the presence of a PC and a joystick and revised. PS Vita will also be useful, can be used as the Game-pad to the Wii U.

Leaks began to be more numerous these days and we discovered the first evidence on the next PlayStation 4 are now confirmed by SONY. It is not developed since the age of 5 and will be available at the end of the year ... but will ultimately not shown.

The PlayStation 4 is indeed a PC: X86 processor, 8GB of memory, hard drive

As some have mentioned, it will be well in the presence of a PC advertised as "Supercharged". The processor is an X86 model which has been detailed since (see this news). The term APU was pronounced, with eight cores. What think AMD is behind this chip? Anyway, it will be accompanied by 8GB of memory GDDR5 technology was mentioned. 

Storage will be managed by a hard disk whose size has not been specified. Will it varies depending on the model ? 

A demonstration on the Havok engine (owned by Intel) was performed to confirm that the interaction between the computing power of the CPU and GPU will be well used jointly.

The Dual-shock controller 4 and new opportunities are the part  

The Dual Shock 4 was also unveiled. It is equipped with a jack socket, and a touchscreen. In addition, a sensor will track the movements of the player: 

The overall experience also seems to have been the center of attention since SONY indicates that it is possible to put the game in its current state in memory using a standby mode, allowing you to avoid having to cut back and the console.

A reloading system is activated via a secondary chip so you can start downloading a title while starting to play a little in the way of what Blizzard offers for example. The interface for its part been completely revised and corrected.

Button "Share" allows you to share with others your part. So your friends can follow you live and come help if necessary. Everything will be also accessible from your smartphone or tablet, for example.

PS4 and PS Vita as a small air Wii U ? Backward compatibility via the "Cloud" 

In addition, the PS Vita can be used as a secondary display to allow a remote gaming service, like the Game-pad to the Wii U. All titles are not compatible, but Sony hopes that many will take advantage of such a possibility. We imagine it will be the case directly to the multimedia content (music, movies VOD ...). 

 If no system of "Cloud Gaming" full was mentioned, it should expect announcements in the weeks and months to come, the Japanese have said that all options from the console will be unveiled gradually . PS3 is not backward against waiting for the launch, but the games of previous generations can be used to run as confirmed by this tweet: 

Several titles already mentioned, but no graphics revolution ? 

The side of the tracks, the next Killzone: Shadow Fall Guerilla Games has been unveiled: 

 The amateurs of racing games can turn side Driveclub so that In Famous: Second sound destine for those who prefer to opt for a style more ... nag. We'll go into more detail on these announcements separately. 

After a demonstration of The Witness, which will be exclusive PS4, David Cage of Quantic Dream came to discuss the possibilities offered by the new console. A demonstration on the calculation of a face in real time was performed to show that the rendering of the hair, shadows, skin texture was much better than what you could do with a console so far .

Capcom and Square Enix are also presented their new graphics engine designed for the PlayStation 4. We'll have fun against by noting that it states that there is no question of a demonstration on the console, but a video that represents what will be obtained in practice.

Watch Dogs and Destiny are about them, Diablo III coming to PS3 and PS4  

New Final Fantasy should still be in the game. The Watchdogs Ubisoft was also presented as the Destiny project Bungie / Activision.

Finally, if the achievements seem rather successful, we come as one might expect that today's PCs offer. It will be interesting to know more about the hardware and see demonstrations carried out in practice to be able to see what it is in reality.

We learn in passing that the PS Move can be used and will be compatible with the new console, but it is ultimately the arrival of Diablo III on PS3 and PS4 which will probably makes the most sense. So Blizzard finally arrives on consoles. Remains to be seen if the ergonomics will indeed be at the rendezvous, a beta phase seems intended to ensure a first public demonstration is provided on PS3 next month at PAX East in Boston.
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