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Obama wants to strengthen cybersecurity

The President of the United States has signed a directive to strengthen cybersecurity by creating a series of best practices and encouraging agencies with critical infrastructure to implement a new security framework.

United States has signed a directive to strengthen cybersecurityIn speech on the state of the Union address a few days ago, Obama stated: "Now our enemies are looking for ways to sabotage our power, our financial institutions, our systems of air traffic control. We can not look back and ask why we have not done anything in front of the real threats to our security and our economy. "The next day, the White House has produced a directive which commits to develop in the coming months a comprehensive IT security infrastructure.

A working group was formed to implement these standards which become mandatory for public and private companies who operate facilities considered critical banks, energy, transport ... Already, several security experts have argued  this first step but that the guidelines were grossly inadequate. Indeed, the measures considered most important - namely the minimum requirements on how critical infrastructure must be protected - were not included in these guidelines because they require the approval of Congress. These same experts believe that many U.S. facilities are completely outdated because they have not been designed and built with the idea of ​​a potential cyber attack.

Battle in Congress 

Dale Peterson, founder of the company Digital Bond, quoted by the New York Times, is particularly severe. "The presidential directive deals with the sharing of information - it does not even begin to address the real problem, which is these systems are completely insecure. I am surprised that 11 ½ years after September 11, the government has not even the courage to say you need to replace the equipment. If you rely on these systems, you do not have security and you can do what you want. "

For several months, a silent battle is in the House of Representatives and the Senate between supporters and opponents of strengthening security obligations. Last summer a bill was retoque by Republican senators led by John McCain. On the grounds that the proposed measures were too restrictive for business, securing obligations became optional before disappearing under the pressure of another Republican in the House of Representatives. However, the new Obama administration has said it would try again this year to pass binding measures in this area.

Department of Homeland Security

About 200 attacks in 2012  

The facts do seem to agree with this reinforcement. a report published by the Department of Homeland Security last December indicated that intrusions were observed in pipelines and power plants at an alarming rate. 198 attacks on critical infrastructure of the nation have been recorded in 2012, an increase of 52% and some of these attacks have succeeded.  
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