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New Android app to test Ubuntu on smartphone

Until the release of Ubuntu smartphones scheduled for October, an Android app provides an overview of how the Linux OS on mobile devices.

Ubuntu Phone Experience

Canonical early 2013 caused a sensation by announcing the availability of its Ubuntu Linux OS for smartphones. But we are still waiting downloadable version that the company was committed to providing for the Galaxy Nexus, as well as details of current equipment. Many outlets reported that Ubuntu smartphones were expected in October, but it is far from certain. However, work on applications really started.
Meanwhile, those who can not stand the wait will now have a consolation: an Android app that does more than temporarily download. It provides a taste of what look like Ubuntu for smartphones.

Targeting both input terminals and upscale, Ubuntu is particularly interesting for the way it uses the four edges of the screen, according to the first demonstrations of Canonical. Guides to reproduce the appearance of the interface based on Android using themes have already been published, but until now it does not included this design. Ubuntu by going to Phone Experience, it is possible to obtain a more accurate view of what it looks like.

App called Ubuntu Phone Experience 

Posted by site members XDA developers, Ubuntu Phone Experience was designed to show a test based on the movement, similar to that promised by Ubuntu for smartphones, according to a report by the Android community. Removed from Google Play since its launch, the application should work with almost all ROMs (Read-only memory) and terminal types. Users can adjust the sidebar to view recent applications, select others, and more. The premium version is supposed to bring more functionality.

A YouTube video shows the application. Temporarily unavailable, Ubuntu Phone Experience should soon be back on the site XDA Developers.


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