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Mega delete thousands of files, and not all illegal

Yesterday, Kim Dotcom minimized the practice of piracy Mega. However, the service process to the loss of thousands of files, and sometimes totally blind by removing lawful files as noted by TorrentFreak.

Kim DotCom has he declared victory too soon ? In a tweet posted on January 31, the creator of Mega strove to demonstrate the concern of copyright on its new service. And only 250 illegal files were singled out.

The conclusion DotCom: Using Mega massively legal. An article from TorrentFreak, however, allows to question the reality of these uses. In recent days, Mega has completed the removal of thousands of files.

Mega delete massive files on behalf of the copyright.

his deletion is visible on indexing services file links hosted on Mega, such as Asked by PCInpact, the creator of the site confirms that the links are "deleted in near real time."

And among these links pointing to many movies or music. But TorrentFreak reports that Mega also carries deleting files yet entirely lawful eg Ubuntu.

A band, DecaY, also saw its files be deleted from Mega, then it is the copyright holder and operated the service to share his music with his audience. After testing, TorrentFreak notes that legitimate files are deleted within minutes of their setting on line. 

The reason for Mega ? DMCA query would target the offending files. Very unlikely in such a short time, was surprised TorrentFreak. Mega is it zeal or assigns abusing DMCA requests they get for the systematic removal of the files ? The site asks. 
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