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Ubuntu tactile unveiled

You've probably heard of Ubuntu, it is a Linux distribution based on Debian, which has the distinction of being one of the few to be accessible to beginners, and, without limiting the possibilities offered Linux. Indeed, the slogan of Ubuntu is "Linux for human beings" or "Linux for human beings", and Canonical, the company in charge of Ubuntu, a surprise for us in a few hours.

The homepage of the official website, is occupied by a large banner showing a countdown: "So close you can touch it Almost" understand "so close you can almost touch it." It would be a tactile version of Ubuntu on rails, to continue to story competition to Windows 8 and its Metro touch interface.

The countdown should come forward to today 12h (U.S time), and an announcement should be made at this time. Canonical continues in innovation after bringing Ubuntu to Android in particular. We'll know more today, but it is already possible to venture to say this update should take place in April 2013, the calendar updates Ubuntu is very strict (a new version every 6 months, the last being 12.10 for October 2012).

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