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Quit smoking with Android

To start the year 2013, a large number of people have definitely decided to quit. Your smartphones are now so strong that they can help you.

I have selected for you my coach to quit on the Android Store Play.

Through my coach to quit smoking you can set goals, see improvements in your health, motivating you via text and videos, learn with mini-games, see the savings ... in short, everything you need is this free app in Android.

Here is the official description of my coach to quit smoking:

My Stop Smoking Coach
This very complete application supports you in your smoking cessation. We offer more than other applications that you take the lead with their calculations and their foolish pop-up messages. This application is interactive and was performed by professional coaches online course to quit smoking N ° 1 in Germany

• motivating texts: understand as nicotine is responsible for stress and mood swings
• Achieving success: set your own goals and rewards.
• Learn simply: with interactive games.
• How much did you save? Silver, lifetime, tar.
• welcomed the improvements yourself: evaluating your life free from nicotine.
• Your body will regenerate that fast: now with 11 health indications.
• Motivate yourself: tips for every day.
• YouTube continues to motivate you.

Your goals always at your side, wherever you bristle
Through your answers recorded, you can always consult the reasons you want to quit smoking, what bothers in the smoking and what is your strategy in case of resumption of smoking. If a sudden urge to smoke a cigarette you takes, you can immediately consult.

That the application does not contain
No picture and video shocking, not focusing on disease. We work professionally and accompany each day via our program.

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