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Outlook Messenger integrated with Skype

A version built directly into the Outlook Messenger, this is the main novelty of Skype 6.1, which has just been made available for download. Its users can now call on landlines or mobiles, their contacts directly from Outlook.

Skype 6.1 is compatible with all versions of Outlook since 2010. The Outlook Address Book shows live online contacts. It then becomes possible at any time of the call, a video conference or contact them by instant messaging directly from Outlook. This is another step in the integration of the Microsoft Skype, after the announcement of the planned abolition of Windows Live Messenger on March 15.

Add caAn example of data integration in Outlook Skypeption

In addition to integration with Outlook, the user profile has been reworked to be more readable. It is now possible to search contacts from out of his original list and add them with one click.

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