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NFC connects to the automotive and appliance

While technology Near Field Communication (NFC) is almost always associated with payments, it has invested in other areas show high-tech Las Vegas, including appliances and automobiles.

CES 2013 has shown that the trend "contactless" goes beyond credit cards, for example, the 2013 range of home appliances "smart" LG equipped with NFC chips. By simply touching the chip with a smartphone, it becomes a remote interface to manage fridge, vacuum cleaner or washing machine. The link between the two devices is maintained through Bluetooth or wifi, but the initial connection is due to the NFC.

To a certain extent, Bluetooth and NFC are the same thing, but unlike the Bluetooth device search where waves to find the presence of another and then a list of objects potentially compatible NFC ensures that connected devices are good.

The household appliances interconnects

While the widespread adoption of connected appliances is not for now, the CES also presented this year's most immediate applications of this technology. Sony, which invests heavily in NFC for several years, has incorporated the technology into its smartphones Xperia, its latest VAIO computers and Bravia TVs, to simplify file transfer and connectivity. Merely touching his Sony TV with Sony's tablet will automatically push to send photos, music and other content to the biggest screen. Tapping their smartphone against a pregnant will also automatically streaming music. Similarly, Panasonic has also incorporated the NFC in his last TV and Panasonic Lumix cameras released this year.

But the auto industry is no exception, Hyundai is currently testing NFC chips so that drivers can use their smartphones to lock and unlock their vehicles and do not use the key. The manufacturer would unveil this new system, called Connectivity Concept, before the year 2015.

The firm ABI Research predicts that 1.95 billion devices with contactless technology, from smartphones to game consoles will be sold worldwide by 2017.

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