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Microsoft launches tablet Surface Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft will release February 9th in North America its first tablet surface under Windows 8 (not RT). At the same time, other new features are planned, this time around the world, including a 64GB tablet and other keyboards.

Surface Windows 8 Pro, the first tablet running the Windows 8 range (not RT) will be available exclusively in the United States and Canada from 899 $.

Range Surface, released the same day as Windows 8 October 26, 2012, is composed of 10.6 inch tablet running Windows RT, a simplified version, adapted to the ARM terminal the latest version of operating system Microsoft.

They have the particularity of including a touch pad to accommodate the "Touch Cover", which also serves to protect the screen. It can also be replaced by a physical keyboard, called "Type Cover", sold separately.

Three other keyboards and touch pad

The product range of Microsoft Surface enriches its offer, starting with a version of Windows Surface RT 64GB no keyboard, marketed in France since February 9. Surface additional accessories will also be available the same day as three "Touch Cover" of red, magenta and cyan or a dedicated touch-pad, called "Wedge Touch Mouse."

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