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iPhone has become "has-been" among teens

iPhone would not be in the crosshairs of teenagers, says a study. These would be more attracted to devices from other brands.

To know what is trendy, just ask the opinion of teenagers. Thus, a recent survey many teenagers, aged between 13 and 17 years, highlighted that the iPhone has become a "has been" and that they are more attracted to other devices. The causes are various, but most young people are less attracted to the iPhone in particular because they do not want to have the same smartphone as their parents, their teachers, and even their dentist or doctor. Teens also been reluctant to show their old iPhone, classmates, received by a parent which has obtained the most recent model, and thus often unaffordable for younger ... 

Young constantly looking for new

But Apple's policy is also involved on the side "hype" that would have much less effect changing the design of the very few smartphone since its initial release in 2007, the iPhone is not the purpose of "newness" which are younger fans.

Following this observation, this study reveals that 67% of teens would opt for the iPhone 5 when changing their current iPhone, and 22% would go Samsung. Figures still inconceivable a year earlier or Apple's dominance was largely overwhelming.

Among competing smartphones that appeal to teens, the Galaxy S3 tops. The side of the tablet, the iPad would be undergoing the same trend as teens prefer to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note, a tablet or integrating Windows RT.

The decline in the reputation of Apple youth is related to the meteoric rise of Samsung has managed to establish itself as an alternative. To achieve this, the South Korean manufacturer has not hesitated to play shots advertising campaigns for Apple to get a manufacturer facing an older audience.

Another element that interested young people, the fact that Samsung plays on all fronts materials formats smartphones and tablets. By practicing in this way, the rival Apple gives an impression of dynamism even if in reality, the changes between the two companies, the segment of smartphones and tablets, are clearly comparable.

It remains to be seen whether the U.S. giant will be able to reverse the trend. At least among young people. To achieve this, it will probably offer a real innovation and not just a few millimeters to change the screen size of its flagship product.

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