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Internet 2012 in numbers

Pingdom has published annually since 4 years a compilation of the most significant figures concerning Internet and the web. More than a third of humanity is now user.

The number of Internet users is now 2.4 billion including 1.1 billion in Asia (565 million in China is 42.1% penetration), 519 million in Europe, 274 million in North America, 255 million in the rest of America / Caribbean, 167 million in Africa, 90 million in the Middle East and 24.3 million in Oceania.

2.2 billion users who use e-mail exchange 144 billion daily emails. 61% of them are considered non-essential. Major customers webmail, Gmail is now the most popular with 425 million users worldwide. The percentage of spam email is down but still spring to 68.8%. In this category of spam, it is always the pharmaceuticals that hold the upper hand with a spam of 2 in this field. Finally, representing 0.22% of the phishing emails. The number may seem low, but it still represents 300 million daily trading.

The U.S. still Top

43% of Top 1 million sites are hosted in the United States. 48% of the top 100 blogs worldwide work in WordPress, which boasts 59.4 million sites and 3.5 billion page views each month. 75% of the first 10,000 sites worldwide are served by an open source server software.

There are already 87.8 million blogs Tumblr which generated 17.8 billion page views. On servers, Apache has lost ground in 2012 (-6.7%) but retains 63% market share, ahead of Microsoft Internet Information Server, which rose by 32.4% and now has 20% market share . The following are NGIX (14%) and Google (4%) also increased. Concerning browsers, Internet Explorer still holds 39% market share to Chrome 28%, Firefox  25% and Safari 6%.

246 million domain names are registered with the main "registrars." There are 329 domain name extensions: 100 million domains are. Com 14.1 million of. Net of 9.7 million. Org, the 6.7 million of .info, and 2.2 million are . Biz. The biggest "registrar" GoDaddy in the world with 32.44% market share and the domain name of the most expensive in 2012 was for which he was paid  2.45 $ million.
2.7 billion "I like" per day

 The billion users of Facebook, 47% are women and the average age of a Facebook account owner is 40.5 years (actually not so young). The like button is clicked daily 2.7 billion times. Twitter has 200 million users it and the President of the United States holds two records with the Tweet "Four More Years" retweeted over 819,000 times and has consecutive reelection tweet that has attracted more than 320 000 tweets per minute.

 In the field of mobility, there are now 1.1 billion mobile subscribers with a smartphone. The number of mobile subscriptions in a subscription of 6.7 billion. In total he has sold 465 million Android smartphones in 2012, 66% of the market. There are now 1.3 billion smartphones. Data traffic per month via mobile was 1.3 exabytes consisting of 59% of the video.
1 billion views in 5 months

 The video is also the place where the wildest figures circulating. Gangnam Style was the first video to exceed one billion views on YouTube and in just five months. 4 billion hours of videos are viewed each month on the site and more than 150 million unique visitors recorded video sites Google. The photo is not left with seven petabytes of images added each month on Facebook, 300 million new photos every day.

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