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Your toilet range smartphone !

If you had the opportunity to travel in Asia, particularly South Korea and Japan, you have to get the toilet water jets. Indeed, these toilets have evolved faster than ours, they dropped the toilet paper and have developed high-tech toilet: seat temperature, using a jet of water management, the spray angle , power and temperature ... In the category of "objects connected" the company Lixel had the idea of ??connecting it all to an Android smartphone.

With a simple swipe of a finger, you'll be able to flush the water or launch your favorite playlist - which will be broadcast on loudspeakers integrated toilet. These toilets equipped with the latest technology will make our lives easier with essential features: for example you can simulate the sound of the toilet flushing sounds to cover your body, show your cost and water consumption, find a bunch of comprehensive statistics on the use of your toilet and of course with a multi-user for each member of your family. The Android application is called My Satis, it requires of course a toilet compatible function.

Count between 1800 and 3500 euros depending on the model. Of course, it will import from Japan.
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