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Facebook could make you pay to send messages !

Today Facebook has added new parameters for messages that you can see or not. In the process, it also provides a new system. You have to pay to receive an acknowledgment if you write to someone who is not your friend.

First, we hope that this test fails. On the other side, it adds two new features. The first message filtering.

If you select filtering database, you will see most of the messages from friends and people you may know. A more rigorous will not miss the messages from your friends, it is the strict filtering.

These filters allow you to receive new types of messages in the inbox. mails sent to those of a friend of a friend who wanted to include you in a conversation and finally those people using messenger for Android without having a Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger conversations on mobile and Facebook posts on the web will now be merged into a single window.

Remember, Facebook puts the most relevant messages in your inbox and sends the others in your Other folder. Think of open it from time to time ...
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