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Wi-Fi in London taxis in 2013

After the subway, the famous "Black cabs" will integrate WiFi next year.

London has decided to move into high gear around information technology. Prime Minister David Cameron has also recently unveiled an interactive map of East London called Tech City in which 600 high-tech companies have taken up residence, this part of a larger plan to support IT companies, the British capital seeking to become the first European destination in this field.

In this context that the start-up Eyetease has received the approval of the London transport system to deploy a service connection to WiFi networks in taxis from last year. The company is working on this project for two years and will then start the service "CabWifi", which will be free for users and is funded by advertising. so users will view an ad for 15 seconds every 15 minutes of access. This period was calculated as accurately since the average trip in a London taxi lasts about fifteen minutes.

 The same system as in the "tube"

WiFi hotspot system installed in the taxi automatically switch between 3G and 4G networks. This system is similar to that existing in the London Subway. Eyetease have already established several partnerships with a company credit card as well as a mobile phone manufacturer to sponsor the service at launch.

the company will also introduce a new service interactive advertising on the roof of London taxis. The system consists of a double screen installed on the roof of the car from which brands can run advertisements or information visible to passersby or other vehicles. This service should be launched in 2013. Founded by Richard Corbett, Eyetease listed in the Top 100 start-ups England and specializes in digital advertising solutions outside. Additional information is available at this address.
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