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Linux 3.7 greatly expands compatibility with ARM

The latest version of the Linux kernel, delivered earlier this week, includes highly innovative features that allow to rotate the distribution with the ARM processor architecture.

Linux 3.7 will allow makers distributions support multiple platforms from ARM core. then, we had to create a customized version of the kernel for each hardware. so a very important contribution, as pointed out Kernel Newbies. "A Linux distribution for classic x86 PC can boot and run on hundreds of different PC. Same distribution can be installed on machines with different processors, different GPU, different types of motherboards and chipsets, etc.. This ability to be installed on multiple hardware seems obvious in the PC world. But that was not possible in the Linux ARM. With this version 3.7, ARM 64 bit support has also been completely revised. It is no longer a simple extension of the 32 bit architecture. Also new in version 3.7 of Linux file system btrfs has been improved, which should lead to improved performance for several common applications, such as Firefox. in addition, the kernel of this version has many small fixes and improvements.

When he announced the availability of the version 3.7, Linus Torvalds, the inventor of the Kernel said that the process of development was relatively long, and the following changes will take a little less time. "Anyway, the trip was a little long, while the melting period of 3.7 seemed simple enough. It must be said that none of the previous release candidate versions was also consistent. But we finished. The melting period, which follows the release of a new version, and for which we must test many patches will be closed on Christmas, probably even several days before. because, it's the main commercial holiday of the year! "

The release of Linux version 3.7 has been slightly delayed, the developers felt it was necessary to add an eighth release candidate. At that time Linus Torvalds had said there were still things to improve on the Kernel swap daemon (kswapd).
Linux 3.7 greatly expands compatibility with ARM Linux 3.7 greatly expands compatibility with ARM مراجعة من قبل fortech في 10:44 ص تصنيف: 5