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Top 10 ways to lose its original data, 2012 edition

Kroll Ontrack a company specializing in data recovery, recently released its top 10 most unusual cases encountered during the year. Situations for some relatively mundane, but to remind us that our data are extremely vulnerable, so it is important to save effectively ... and do not overlook the flashing red lights.

Kroll Ontrack is not his first attempt, but it's the ninth consecutive year it publishes its report on "data recovery event the most unusual." If last year we got a nice hat-trick (a computer then struck burned before being flooded), this time it's human error that is found in pole position.

Note that the company specifies, in all cases, the data could be successfully recovered ... but without giving any indication of the price of its interventions.

Here are the top 5, and you can also view the full list on this page:

  • 1st position: RAID 5 and a red LED that flashes: the manager has decreed that it meant nothing ... the future will give wrong because three weeks later was out of the cluster.   
  • 2nd position: a classic : a virus infects 30 000 posts and deletes data.
  • 3rd position: a driver crashes his digital camera and memory card that contained.
  • 4th position: recently fired an employee connects via a "Hot Spot" Wi-Fi network of his former company and begins to remove a maximum of data. 
  • 5th position: an iPad in a bag on the floor and a bus happens to stop her.  

 The rest of the chart relates the events of everyday life that can happen to each of us: to overthrow a drink on his laptop, delete a virtual machine with vital data, or even spend his hard drive and the washing machine accuse ... the cat.

In the end, it reminds us how our data is fragile and precious and it is therefore important to save effectively. so it's advisable to make regular copies and save them in different geographical locations. Indeed, a theft, fire or flood, it does not happen to others. Note that the online storage can also be a good solution. 

Here are three videos in order to image the trio of unusual situations:

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