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Sony skin analysis with image sensors

The Japanese electronics giant Sony on Monday unveiled a technology that allows in-depth analysis of the epidermis with an image taken by an electronic sensor backed by a system of computer analysis.

The device is to take a snapshot of an area of skin with a CMOS sensor of the same type as those used many cameras or smart phone.

The structure of the skin (including internal), color and various features are then analyzed using algorithms designed by Sony, for example to detect underlying stains and other defects.

"Generally, analysis tools for dermatological professionals are expensive and bulky. For those smaller for the general public, they have very limited functions, "said Sony in a statement.

With its technology, Sony is potentially able to solve both problems by offering services in multifunctional mobile phones (Smartphone’s) now all equipped with a camera function and capable of exchanging data with a server performing the calculations.

Sony is not the only Japanese electronics group to pay close attention to the detection of skin problems, but there is a huge potential market.

Last week, Fujitsu has also introduced a service for tracking tasks, and many other imperfections of the skin through a mobile app.

Coupled with other applications (weight change, measurement of stress, exercise, etc..), This analysis program skin can also help advice for a healthier life.
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