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Apple preparing to produce its first TV !

Business Week and NBC had the scoop first press statements to Tim Cook for over a year. In these interviews to newspapers and television, the CEO of Apple lifts the veil a little what could be the next big thing for 2013: TV.

This is an orchestrated communication plan in which chance may have slipped an extra element. Indeed, the day before the publication by Business Week in an interview broadcast by the river, then another NBC interview video (discover below), Apple suffered its biggest correction scholarship for 4 years, releasing more than 30 $ billion market capitalization. In general, the highest since September, Apple's stock suffered a severe correction but remains strong growth since the beginning of the year. Many observers who do not understand the underlying reasons for this correction nor do they understand the reasons for the dramatic increase. Indeed, the next sales figures of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 will be available in the month of January and we can verify the reality of sales. Until now, most analysts believe that sales of iPhone 5 are very good as well as the iPad Mini but nobody - except Apple - has no evidence.

- A grain of sand into the mechanic

However, something new and more insidious has recently enough to slip into the hitherto well-oiled mechanic of Apple. This is not a revolution but still one feels dawn wind of revolt. Simply peel the forums and sites to see that if Apple still has many fan-boys with which any rational discussion is impossible, many other customers, especially among new converts begin to make some criticisms. Continuous innovation is she only change size and introduce some applications - not necessarily successful elsewhere - that magic continues to operate. While the iPhone 5 is still a very good smartphone, the best-estimate some and iPad (mini or not) would not rival. However, competitors, time stunned, began to react. Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon, Google and others to turn out products that bear comparison with the blockbuster Apple and Samsung Galaxy SIII with its achieved what seemed impossible a few months ago: Apple do better in terms of sales. in brief, Apple is no longer alone in the world on its Aventine.

- Tim Cook praises teamwork

Tim Cook, often called robot was anxious to explain his 16 months at the helm of Apple, including 13 since the death of Steve Jobs. Always very discreet about his personality, however, he has held disqualify boss dehumanized image that sticks to the skin too often, probably because the man seems to control his emotions beyond reasonable. The last question is very revealing: "Steve Jobs are you missing him? ". "Yes, every day. He was a friend [...] and for me the relationship is essential. You know? I did not want to work with people I don't like. Life is too short. Then you become friends. Life offers us only too few friends. ". In doing so, it explains some of the reasons for the departure of Scott Forstall which everyone agrees that his character is ... difficult. Protected from Steve Jobs - perhaps for these reasons - Tim Cook highlights the teamwork and excellent Adam Lashinsky paper published in Fortune on May 23 and available to address this showed the "normality" management Tim Cook complete break with the side violently eruptive Steve Jobs.

- Touch the American patriotism and reinvent TV

Side ads, we learn that Apple will repatriate part of the production of Macintosh to the United States. In doing so, it will only touch the best patriotic Americans which is known to be particularly developed. Investors may grieve margins smaller but perhaps they console themselves with higher volumes. In all cases, this decision may be favorable to the brand of the company. Tim Cook also insists repeatedly on direct AND indirect jobs associated with Apple in the United States and does not fail to recall that if the iPhone is assembled in China, many of its components are manufactured in the USA.

The other announcement is more important. It is the television or rather a TV. Obviously nothing has been announced if it is intense interest that Apple carries this technology and that the development of television has been more or less abandoned for twenty or thirty years. Following these initial comments, several American colleagues recalled the rumors about it for at least two years and recall that this project had been mentioned by Steve Jobs himself made ??in the biography by Walter Isaacson. "Our role at Apple is giving you something that we do not want to know. And then, you can not imagine your life without. "
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