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Nintendo released its new Wii U and hopes to revive

The pioneer of Japanese video game Nintendo, losing ground to Sony and Microsoft, its new Wii U, hoping to revive a market shaken in recent years by the development of games on smartphones and social networks.

Consumers in North America have the scoop of the machine. Europeans will, wait on November 30, and the Japanese on 8 December.

Nintendo expects to sell 5 million Wii U in the world by the end of March, and repeat the success of its first Wii, which revolutionized the market in 2006 with its motion-sensing controller and converted to video games and many secular entire families, from children to grandparents.

The Japanese group has elapsed five years more than 86 million, but the home console is now technically obsolete by the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. Between April and September, its global sales fell by 60% compared to a year earlier.

Nintendo also reported disappointing sales of its DS handheld console this semester, he finished in the red.

Sign of slowing of the inventor of the Game Boy, which had contributed in the 1990s to democratize the game, the action that Nintendo had increased to 71,900 yen in October 2007, is now seven times less.

Wii U, whose innovation this time is a controller with a touch screen like a small tablet computer, expected to benefit from the reputation of the Wii and record strong sales during the holiday season, consider the analysts.

This impression seemed confirmed by the American chain of electronics stores like Best Buy, which has already exhausted its initial stock for pre-orders online.

In addition, the forecasts are more difficult. "Nintendo has had tremendous success with the Wii (...) but in the more fragmented market today, it will be very difficult to repeat in the same magnitude," analysts warn and Morgan Stanley.

"The circumstances have changed" since 2006, experts also point to the Deutsche Bank.

One of the biggest competitors to Nintendo today is the mobile phone. Casual gamers, those that were most impressed Wii, replaced the consoles, whether living or laptops, smartphones or through their social networks like Facebook. The video game titles and is further expanded, but in favor of free gaming applications.

"The business model of the industry, focusing on video game consoles including Nintendo pioneered and which came later Sony and Microsoft will continue to exist, supported by loyal users such as children and hardcore gamers + +" Deutsche Bank estimates.

But "it will not be sufficient for the Wii U resume market share of the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 players with hard-line," warns the bank. It will also "attract a wider user base as families" and "it is not clear at present it can arrive"



Nintendo released its new Wii U and hopes to revive Nintendo released its new Wii U and hopes to revive مراجعة من قبل fortech في 4:45 م تصنيف: 5