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voice translation soon available in Japan

Japan proposes an operator from 1 November instant translation service for telephone conversations.

"This is a revolution," said the late Steve Jobs. The main Japanese operator NTT Docomo will launch in Japan telephone service instant speech translation. It will be available free of charge from 1 November 2012 for smartphones and tablets Android
The application can translate Japanese to English, Chinese or Korean. The caller then hears the translation language selected by the issuer, while his responses are translated into Japanese. It is also possible to translate written conversations (mode speech to text).
According to the operator, the time between the original voice and computer translation is less than a second. Of course, the application does not yet offer a translation "perfect". Users may therefore sometimes end up with some aberrations, as one can find on Google Translate.
NTT Docomo said that the translation service of voice to text will also soon be available between the Japanese and the French, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese and Thai. Banzai!

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