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Samsung will not sell more LCD panels to Apple

According to an article published yesterday Korea Times, Samsung will not sell more LCD panels to Apple. The manufacturer cites financial constraints to pressure from Apple supply chain.

Next year, Samsung will not provide Apple LCD panels at very low prices and cease to supply the Californian company in screens, as shown in the Korea Times newspaper quoted an unnamed source in the Korean manufacturer. "Samsung has been a leading supplier of displays for smartphones and tablets from Apple, but the legal battles between the two rivals have left traces," the newspaper added. This year, in one of the cases between the two manufacturers, a California jury ordered Samsung to pay $ 1.05 billion in damages for patent infringement, a judgment which the South Korean company has appealed. Apple did not respond to this information, but a spokesman for Samsung in Korea stated that the article was "inaccurate." "Activity Display from Samsung is separated from the division responsible
for smartphones," said the spokesman. Adding even mail the article in the Korea Times was "100% wrong". 

But  Apple has other suppliers of LCD

Sharp and LG Electronics are other providers of Apple screens. The display has brought innovation to the first class iPhone and iPad, contributing to their success. For example, the latest edition of the iPad displays images with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Is currently the best resolution of all the tablets on the market. Today, it is expected that Apple Announces iPad mini with a smaller screen. As for the screen of the iPhone 5, available since last month, it can display images in 1136 x 640 pixels, which is slightly less than the Galaxy S III Samsung, which displays 1280 x 720 pixels.
But Apple and Samsung continue to work together in other areas. Some believe, for example, Samsung is trying to make the house first processor Apple A6 chip etched in a process to 32 nanometers. For the design, Apple has borrowed Samsung design previous processors.

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