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first tablet of Microsoft :Tablette Microsoft Surface

While Microsoft tablet will be available from 26 October, journalists have been able to test and give their impressions on this gadget presented by the firm of Bill Gates as the best tablet of the market

Microsoft is currently working hard to impress the high-tech community in the world, for example with a video posted on October 16 showing the prowess of this new tool, transformed into skateboarding. But this is after trying the device that journalists can create more buzz around the tablet which is placed in direct competition with the Apple iPad.
Mat Honan Wired magazine, for example, was invited to the QG in Redmond to visit the lab in which space has been developed. On this occasion, Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows development began: "I have used many shelves and it is not a tablet but the best tablet. And I have used many notebooks and laptops and it is not a notebook or laptop computer but the best. This is a new type of device. "This reckless assertion that spawning Microsoft was quick to react to industry observers, as Business Insider, who sees in this tirade a confession of indecision rather than intention.

Mat Honan wrote in Wired that this device is obviously to counter the iPad and not the flock of Android tablets already on the market. He was impressed by the touch screen device. About "Touch Cover", a keyboard that also serves to protect the screen, he wrote: "It was the respondent and impressed me weird. The buttons respond well, but other aspects such as the touchpad were not top.
A good point about the storage
Other testers, like Job Fortt CNBC, decided to focus on the differences between the iPad and the tablet Microsoft. "Surface has some advantages. First, for a price of $ 499 there are two times more storage than the entry-level iPad, 32GB 16GB against Office, a suite of the most widely used software is pre-loaded. '
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