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Firefox Version 33.1 for 10 years

Firefox celebrates its 10th anniversary, the update Firefox 33.1 is proposed.

On 9 November 2004, Mozilla Foundation and many volunteers have launched free and open Firefox browser. The goal was to provide all users' choice and innovation. "Ten years later, Firefox win market share against the giants of the industry, but it is used by many users. It is also suitable mobile and there is an operating system Firefox OS. Beyond the many volunteers, Mozilla now employs 1200 employees. A positive balance. According Nitot, head of Mozilla Europe, "We have succeeded beyond our wildest expectations."

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On the occasion of this anniversary, Mozilla has planned surprises. There are some days, the foundation thought developers by launching a browser that is totally dedicated to them with new tools "designed by developers for developers." This item has been satisfying, but the general public has not been forgotten. In fact, a new version of Firefox was launched Firefox 33.1. This minor update brings some improvements. First, a "clear data" button can be integrated into the toolbar to improve the protection of content accessed. It goes further than this tool now. After choosing the time, this operation deletes the data and cookies, but also closes open tabs and restart Firefox.

Another improvement, the arrival of improved "Enhanced Tiles" thumbnails. Already test, they are generalized to all users and represent a new source of revenue for Mozilla. The foundation states that no personal data will be collected. "Data collection is limited to a set including the number of clicks and views and the location vignettes."
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