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Snapchat Provides Ads

Launched there only three years, the Snapchat social network has quickly won the public. Today, it displays over 8 million monthly active users. 71% of users under 25 years, sharing photos and videos and ephemeral, above all, stories are trendy. This has not escaped the competitors-such as Facebook, which had offered to buy it for 3 dollars- nor investors-currently valued at $ 2 billion, that number could soon reach 10 billion dollars.
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Currently no income strategy Snapchat was expected. The social network has just unveiled. Like competitors, the company will rely on ads.
At the conference Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit held in San Francisco, Evan Spiegel, co-founder of Snapchat, announced that "people soon see the first ads on Snapchat." A decision that seemed inevitable. Evan Spiegel did, however, give any details, no date nor accurate. He tried to reassure users Snapchat stating that the ads chosen will be "pretty cool."
Ads should be, first of all, associated with the "Our Story" feature. Ads are interspersed between the photos associated with location-based events.

It remains to be seen whether the ads will be many and if users accept or find it too invasive. As for advertisers, the number of users Snapchat is interesting to them, but the ephemeral aspect of content exchanged could frighten them.
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