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Google: quarterly profits down

Third-quarter turnover of Google rose 20%, but net profit was down 5%.
Among the leaders in several sectors, the financial results of Google are making steady progress. Experts and investors are watching closely and have high expectations. In the first quarter 2014, the group achieved a turnover and a profit increase year on year, respectively 19 and 6.5%. In the second quarter, growth was stronger with sales up 22% and especially a profit which rose 24.5%.
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In the third quarter, growth has continued. Google has thus achieved a turnover of 16.5 billion dollars, which grew year on year by 20%. Specifically, the direct income group accounted 68% of the total, 11.25 billion dollars and an increase of 20% compared to the same period 2013 partner sites generated 21% of Google's revenue, ie 3.43 billion dollars, an increase of 9%. Other information, international revenues Google still dominate and are progressing with a total of 9.55 billion dollars, or 58% of quarterly revenue.
However, the Group achieved a net profit (GAAP) 2.81 billion. Compared to the third quarter of 2013, this represents a drop of more than 5%. Involved, special charges related to the sale of Motorola Mobility and Lenovo to drop about 2% of the average cost per click ads on Google sites and partner.
Google CFO Patrick Pichette, said: "Google has once again achieved a strong performance in the quarter." However, investors are worried about the slowdown in advertising revenue growth and cost per click. At the end of the publication, the action had lost value. 
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