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Raspberry B + is available

This is particularly attentive reader the inspiration of this information that we had indeed escaped: the release of a new model Raspberry B+ of the card Raspberry Pi, which was disposed of 3.5 million copies, mainly in Asia and Europe according to Digitimes. The success has inspired other manufacturers who are engaged in the production of clones such as Banana Pi or the hummingboard.

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Note also the appearance of assembled based on this motherboard models. It has seen recently arrive PiPhone or Mac Pi, the latter having the appearance of a Macintosh "vintage" with a Raspberry Pi inside. The hull of the beast was manufactured with a 3D printer in 4 hours. This lovely machine is the work of Noe and Pedro Ruiz who posted to that address the various stages necessary for its implementation, including video. 

B + card is available for a few weeks and consume up to 30% less than the model B. Other improvements include: a number of input / output extended to 40 against 26 for the previous model ports; 2 additional USB ports; an improvement of the audio signal; replacing the SD port to a Micro SD port.

Note that the model B + does not come to replace but complement the models A and B, which are marketed. Distributors of Model B + are Farnell and RS Components.
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