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Link Building Strategy Guide

There are many factors that Google uses to rank a website in the results pages of search engines (SERPs). There are many things that the webmaster can do to improve the site's ranking in the SERPs. Unfortunately, many webmasters do not have a complete understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). Often, they end up focusing their efforts on techniques that often do not only hurt the chances of your website to get higher rankings, but ultimately the result of getting your site blacklisted.

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So how can you prevent your site penalized by Google?

There are some things you should consider. I've put together some simple tips to help webmasters with your link building. Perhaps one of the most critical issues is the anchor text. Many webmasters try to over-optimize your anchor text for the addressees-keywords. This can have a devastating effect on the ranking of your site. It is also the most common that many online marketers are penalized reason. Returning from a penalty for over-optimization of anchor text is very unlikely, but if you follow these instructions, you are not only safe, but also on its way to better ranking in SERPs.

Anchor Text

About 70% of your anchor text should be your domain. Example: WWW yourdomain (dot) com (.)

About 10% of your anchor text should be random as "click here"

Another 10% should consist of long tail keywords

Only 10% of your anchor text should be specific keywords

How relevant are the links to your site?

Now we will discuss the relevance. Your backlinks should appear in articles and sites that are in similar ecological niches. In other words, make sure that the links you are building are in websites that are closely related to yours, or at least, the issue appears on your backlink should be related to your site. For example, if you have a site that is in the niche of nutrition sites, and could be related to diet and health. You do not want to get your link to an article on cell phones. If you get your backlinks niches that are closely related, which helps your sites ranking gain and protects the algorithm changes that Google is making in the future.

Type link diversity

In the real world, a normal web page, getting links from its various sources. Therefore, this diversity is very important if you do not want your site looks suspicious Google. Also, get your links from a variety of different sources is essential to the long-term rating to your site in the SERPs. These can be in form of press releases, bookmarks, profiles, comments, blogs, and other types.

DoFollow and NoFollow

I'm sure most of you already know the meaning of DoFollow and NoFollow. In summary, the terms refer to HTML attributes. So what they look like, or how they express in the HTML code?

rel = "nofollow"

rel = "dofollow"

The above two statements is what you will see if you examine a component or link in place, as the webmaster and how he or she prefers to be encoded. In essence, when a link is marked with the "nofollow" attribute, says Google's webmaster and other search engines that you are a foreigner and did not trust the link. Can you guess what "dofollow"? Well, in all reality, there is no attribute. "Dofollow" is not a valid attribute in HTML. However, webmasters use because the term has a meaning understood all the online community to participate in any form of web development and online marketing. There is a great expectation about whether the websites seem to be "dofollow" or "nofollow". So much so that many webmasters think "dofollow" be a real attribute.

So how do search engines treat "dofollow"? Well, it is as if there was nothing. Simply ignored. The lack of rel = "nofollow" should be the only thing that concerns you. However, when you see the false attribute "dofollow", usually is a good indicator that the site is not a site "nofollow".

Now that this is understood, back to the question at hand. According to Google, some methods of interconnecting web sites must be labeled with the nofollow attribute to tell Google that should not be happening PageRank (PR) between sites. One thing that many people do not understand, or simply are not aware of is the face of any type of link can rank a site. No matter if the link is a nofollow or not.

IP diversity

IP Diversity is another important factor in link building. We have already mentioned that you need to get your links from a variety of sites. Now I tell you that you should also ensure that the sites are varied with different Class C IP addresses Google had to put this system in place to ensure that the site or group of sites do not handle the range.

Interior vs. Home

Always make sure you also link internal pages of your site. This is the most natural way, and it will help greatly your inner pages when it comes to ranking in the search engines results pages. About 85% of the links should be reported to your home page. I bet you can guess the remaining 15% should go to your inner pages.

Indexed bonds - Total Links

Do not insist on your stats and figures backlink when it comes to Ahrefs, Majestic, and Google. Totals are calculated uniquely for each system. In addition, each system tends to change periodically. Therefore, you will have different results with each of them. The most important thing to remember here is quality over quantity! It would be better for you to get 10 quality links to more than 500 cases of low quality, any day. So when you do competitive analysis, always look at the big picture.
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