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Google make a round table on the right to be forgotten in Paris

This Sept. 25, Google in Paris to make a round table on the right to be forgotten.

The introduction of a form of right to be forgotten on the search engines quickly seduced Europeans. On 2 June, five days after launch, Google received 41,000 requests for withdrawal. On 18 July, the total reached 91,000 requests. Today, Google says that 135,000 requests were sent to demand the withdrawal of 470,000 pages. If European users have embraced this form immediately, shipments increased from 10,000 requests per day to about 1 000 Despite this stabilization requests, Google, let alone decide whether each expresses its difficulties in judging. The group wants the court to be clarified and to create debate, Google has embarked on a tour of European capitals.

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After Madrid and Rome, it is Paris which hosted this September 25th, the conference organized by Google.
As the CNIL criticized Google, this is the group that selected the speakers who discussed the right to be forgotten. Around David Drummond, Google's general counsel, personalities of different professions were present such as the doctor of psychology, Serge Tisseron, and Bertrand de La Chapelle, diplomat and member of the board of directors of ICANN.

For over four hours, they discussed the right to oblivion in different aspects: the identification and selection of the terms of this law, the modalities of implementation and the level of transparency, difficulties judging each request and the limits and consequences of the right to oblivion.

This debate has shown how the right to be forgotten lacked clarity and context. In that sense, Google has managed its objective in this Parisian stage.  
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