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To support Docker, Microsoft Azure placing on Google Kubernetes

Microsoft Azure supports the management of containers Docker through Open Source Kubernetes tool developed by Google.

Docker surging ahead unabated. After VMware who just proclaim its surprise to the cause and a few months after the announcement of the management solution containers Kubernetes rallying Google, Microsoft has just explained that it would use this tool to support Open Source Technology Docker in Azure. When Microsoft liabilities are known in the Open Source is an ad for the least surprising.

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If Kubernetes allows to start and manage containers Docker, Microsoft also released a tool called Kubernetes Visualizer graphically shows the architecture and topology Kubernetes. Crucially, the editor of Redmond released the code for its tool on GitHub.

Before Microsoft, Google, AWS, Red Hat, IBM and even VMware had expressed interest in Docker which is fast becoming the de facto standard for container technology. This solution can package an application in a minimum of space, mobilizing the minimum resources, and run without the use of virtual machines without the need for software licenses to perform and manage. And even if it has similarities with the virtualization hypervisor, the container Docker is lighter. Indeed, unlike a conventional virtual machine, the Docker container does not need to include a complete operating system to work as it can use the resources of its host. This means that, compared to a hypervisor, the containers are faster to create and start.

For Microsoft and Google, in particular, a massive support Kubernetes would be very good news. Both companies are now trying to nibble market share to Amazon Web Services, which dominates unchallenged the cloud market since the launch of its S3 storage service in 2006 If Microsoft and Google are able to bring the next generation of developers on their respective platforms like AWS has succeeded so well in 2006, the cards could be redistributed on the strategic market of cloud computing.
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