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New version of XenApp and XenDesktop

Unveiled at its annual conference held in Anaheim, California, Citrix strategy focuses on providing a space for ubiquitous work that can be used in all contexts of use. The two new versions are announced in this direction with significant improvements to overcome the common problems virtualized work environments.

If new versions of existing resume as pre-launch applications functions, and anonymous log for example, new versions improve application access speed and increase the level of availability with the ability to retain information even when loss of connection to the database. This is very important in areas such as health or finance.

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Graphics rendering and audio has been reworked as well as integration with peripherals such as headsets, webcams ... providing convenient similar use a thick client for their use. HDX development kit has been updated to help make mobile apps in Windows environments with the ability to use the GPS function or photo or video capture. These functions are compatible with the previous version of the software to allow Upgrades to the rhythm of clients.

Integration with Windows is also one of the highlights of the new versions. Developed jointly with Microsoft, the new connector (7.5) for SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) allows administrators to use SCCM to manage user access. A new reference architecture for deployment in Azure is available as well as tools to facilitate migration from ancient environments such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. For other IaaS providers (Infrastructure as a Service), the list of certified vendors has been expanded.

For Linux, a time-limited preview proposes an extension of the architecture FlexCast Management to new use cases for the energy, manufacturing, finance and automation. Companies interested in participating may submit a request on this link:  .

Security is often seen as a major obstacle in the deployment of virtual desktops. A special effort has been made to conform with the Federal Rules and Common Criteria. 
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