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Google reward HTTPS secure websites in its search results

Sites that use HTTPS will be rewarded. Google will in future take into account the factor most strongly encryption in the ranking of search results.

Google said that in the future, the websites using the HTTPS protocol for secure communication would probably widely favored in the search results. The search engine was tested in the last month of the algorithms in this direction. Considering the positive results, the Mountain View company has decided to start using HTTPS as homing mode, it explains in a blog post. It would nevertheless give reassurance  for now, the test is still minimal and only affect less than 1% of search results. "It has less weight than other criteria such as the quality of the content offered. " to allow time for webmasters to go to addresses using the HTTPS protocol. Webmaster Trends Analysts on the official Google blog  Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes, said "But over time, we may decide to build, because we would like to encourage all owners of website to go from HTTP to HTTPS to ensure the safety of everyone on the Web."  
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Google also provides some basic tips to move to HTTPS:
- Determine the type of Certificate Needed: simple, multi-domain or generic
- Use certificates with a key of 2048 bits,
- Use relative URLs for resources that are on the same secure area
- Use protocol relative URLs for all other areas
- Read this article on the travel sites with URL modification,
- Do not block not exploring the HTTPS site using the robots.txt file
- Allow possibly indexing pages by search engines,
- Banish much as possible the use of the meta tag "noindex".
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