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Google acquires Gecko specialized in design

Google recently formalized the buyout of Gecko. Specializing in the design, the team will join Google X Lab division.

Google X Lab is a division of Google. In great secrecy, the team works on the most innovative and futuristic projects. Among the dozens of ongoing work, the Google X Lab is the source of autonomous cars, robots or to connected objects such as smart glasses Google Glass or contact lenses for diabetics.

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Oriented towards the robotics and artificial intelligence, this team consists of leading scientists. It now features new employees.
Indeed, Google has recently formalized the acquisition of Gecko Design. This California-based company was founded in 1996 and developed the design of various products for clients such as Dell, Fitbit, Logitech and Hewlett Packard. The company has created the particular design of the bracelet and the Fitbit connected to the laptop for the "One Laptop per Child" program associations (one laptop per child) $ 100.

Team Gecko Design will join local Google X Lab. On its website, it states that this "tremendous opportunity for every member of Gecko" will allow him to "work on a range of cutting-edge projects."
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