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Enabling mobile apps for business progresses

According to the latest Mobility Index Report Good Technology, the use of customized business apps is increasing. IOS apps are the most activated in the second quarter 2014.

The enterprise applications are increasingly used. Indeed, according to data from the Mobility Index Report, published twice a year by the management specialist Good Technology mobile, the total number of activations business Apps increased 20% between the first and the second quarter 2014 report also indicates that custom apps, developed specifically to meet the specific needs of a company, have the wind in their sails. The last record in a quarter an increase of 25% from their use. According to estimates by Good Technology, apps for smartphones the most used in business are those dedicated to the secure instant messaging. While those for editing documents dominate the category of apps for tablets.
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Good Technology Report further highlights that the activation Android apps is growing compared to iOS apps, the first having nibbled 4%. However, the most used in business remain iOS app, with 67% of new activations recorded during the second quarter 2014 Precision important: Good Technology does not have access to the number of activations apps for Blackberry.
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