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Yahoo closes 6 services during the summer

The cleaning continues to Yahoo! The group will close 6 services during the summer to focus on certain products.

Appointed in July 2012, the CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, aims to launch and rejuvenate the image of the Yahoo! Group to achieve these objectives, Yahoo! wants to focus on those that appeal massively users and close others.
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A new wave of closures began in April and will end this summer.
After Newlook and Bookmarks services, it was the turn of Xobni and People Search to close this July 2. The first multi-manager contacts is integrated into Yahoo! Mail and the second to search individuals, the search engine Yahoo!

On 22 July, it will be the turn for Yahoo! Toolbar dedicated to Chrome to be closed. Do not meet the new policy Google's web browser, it will be replaced by an extension.
At the beginning of the year, Marissa Mayer announced the creation of new online journals dedicated to the kitchen and high-tech. To focus on them, the gate will close on 31 July, Yahoo! Shine and Yahoo! Voices (information center posted by users).  New magazines replace them. publishing platform Yahoo! Contributor Network will be closed in August.
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