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WiGig: Wi-Fi high speed by 2015

WiGig, improved WiFi which allows speeds of the order of 7 Gbit / s could be democratized in our devices by 2015. Acquiring Wilocity by Qualcomm is also expected to accelerate adoption.
WiGig for "Gigabit Wireless" could become a reality next year. However, the project is not new since it was launched in 2009 by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance, which was subjected to the more general WiFi Alliance in 2013.
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Qualcomm was interested in Wilocity, the Israeli specialist WiGig. Redemption has been confirmed for 300 million dollars. Wilocity will be integrated into Qualcomm Atheros in order to develop platforms capable tri-band forward support both the WiGig WiFi. Snapdragon SoC 810 should be the first to benefit.
WiGig actually works on frequency bands well above those of WiFi: 60 GHz  against 2.4 or 5 GHz now. With this, it is possible to reach speeds up to 50 times higher in the order of 7 Gbit / s downlink speed.
WiGig connections are ideal in a restricted environment and operate only over very short distances, without obstacles. Making it an ideal technology for the home, for example. The goal is also to equip all "smart" home devices or connected objects, that is if the energy permits. It will also be possible to transfer very large files in seconds. But also watch a 4K video streaming.
This technology is a boon for Qualcomm already leading provider of technologies in mobile devices. It goes along with another recent announcement of Qualcomm on MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output), which "improves two to three times the capacity of the network," while optimizing how each device is used in connection.  
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