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Russia wants to impose data storage on its territory

Russian parliament passed a bill to block access from 2016 web services not storing data in the country for its citizens. Facebook, Twitter and Google are particularly targeted.
The Russian parliament voted July 4, the feast day of American independence, a bill that might drive out of Russia including many U.S. web services like Facebook, Twitter or Google. This bill provides for in 2016 according to AFP blocking access to web services with data collected on Russian citizens are not stored in Russia. According to the Russian deputy Vadim Dengin, "Most Russians do not want their data depart from Russia to go to the United States where they can be hacked and data to criminals and all our lives are stored there. "And Vadim Dengin to require companies to build their data centers in Russia than elsewhere.
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If this law is actually applied, many web services (not just U.S.) and may prefer to put the key under the door in Russia rather than install IT infrastructure. Beyond the financial impact for Web Services reducing the wing in the country, it could also be a blow to anti-government groups very fond of social networks prefer to use foreign services rather than those existing in the country to image of and VKontakte, competitors of Gmail and Facebook.
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