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Microsoft improves the security of and OneDrive and OneDrive will be better secured through TLS and PFS. Microsoft announces the creation of a "center of transparency" on its campus in Redmond.

Microsoft continues efforts on security tools. Today it is and OneDrive who benefit. The first is protected through the use of TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol or encryption of messages sent and received. This allows a message to be encrypted and better protected on the Microsoft Network. Because "obviously, other service providers (by which your emails pass, note) must also support TLS." 
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To do this, Microsoft had approached several other providers like Deutsche Telekom, Yandex or It also states that such protection exists in other of its services, such as Microsoft Azure (including with ExpressRoute), Skype and Office 365.

In addition to TLS, Microsoft adds additional protection, support PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy), which allows the encryption of messages between different suppliers. Thus, an encryption key is used for each connection between suppliers, "which makes the work much more complex decryption for hackers." PFS is also added to the storage service OneDrive whether on a computer, via mobile app or a third client synchronization.

Anxious to provide users with the best security, Microsoft officially announced the creation of a center for transparency, located on its campus in Redmond. This center will allow governments to "have access to the source code of our flagship products so they can see for themselves the integrity of our software and they do not contain backdoors," wrote the editor.
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