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iPhone: critics in China could impact sales

End of 2013, Apple entered into a partnership with China's largest mobile operator. What hope accelerate sales in a market, become very important. But today from a critics report on the public television channel CCTV could impact iPhone sales. Geotagging would track individuals and would be a danger to the security of the country.

Potential customers are very numerous, China has become a major market for manufacturers of smartphones and mobile. Apple tries to make a place in this country where competition is strong. In this context, the partnership with China Mobile must help. The country's leading network provider, and since January of iPhone 5S and 5C to its 760 million subscribers.

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A customer base that dream, but Apple might be affected by a report broadcast on state television CCTV.
Director of the Institute of internet security at the University of Public Security of the People, Ma Ding, affirms that the setting geolocation Apple smartphones allows tracking of individuals and thus to reap lot of data, some of which estimated "very sensitive". It will even up talking about "state secrets."

The iPhone seen as a threat to China's security is not good news for Apple. Although some users have responded by relativising and criticizing this analysis, the public television has a power in China. 
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