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How to create a database

Creating a database may have difficulties odd though not supposed to be. Before you can start building your database, you need to know what a database is. A database is simply a collection of records.

It comes in different sizes depending on the user and purpose. There are many programs that are used to create a database. Aim for the purpose of this article we will talk to Create a MySQL database.
MySQL is a popular database among web developers. His speed and small size makes it ideal for a Web site. Add to the fact that it's free, it can run on many operating systems - Windows, Linux, Mac OS and is available on almost all web servers.


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Before you start developing your database, it is necessary to design the database structure.

You must identify what you want to be in your database or whatever you want to charge users.

For example, it could be your name, address or want to deliver information to them. After that, you need to organize your database. A database consists of rows and columns, and where are you containing all the field values​​.

Here are the steps for organizing your database:

1. The name of your database.

Give your database a name.

Two. Identify the information you want in your database.

It should include the information you want to store That database.

Three. Appoint a box for each item.

April. Identify the primary key.

The primary key is a unique identifier of a row in a table.

The primary key can be more than one column combined. For example, the first client-name may not have a unique identifier because two clients can have the same goal-the name of the client ID can be the primary key.

After finishing, have set your database you need to follow the steps of thesis.

1. Download and install XAMPP
February. XAMPP Open start Apache and Mysql
March. PhpMyAdmin Click
April. Clicking on the database
May. Enter the name of the database and click Create
6. Enter the table name and the number of columns (depending on structure) and click Go
7. Enter item names and click Save.

  You have created a database.

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