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BYOD: Data Security contained on mobile devices

According to a study carried by Webroot in April 2014 in the United States, companies are anxious to show the security of data contained on mobile devices in a situation of "bring your own device".

According to the results of the study, 41% of employees surveyed reported using a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, as part of their professional activity. The main uses include access to email and other corporate data. 78% of them use their own personal device.

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While 86% of employees using their own mobile terminal report using basic security measures such as passwords, only 19% of units are equipped with a security suite. 46% of employees surveyed, installation imposed security software would stop using their own mobile at work. The third party access to personal data is the main concern of employees (55%). On the employer side, more than 60% of them do not take into account the preferences of their employees, but 98% say they have established a mobile security policy. 
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