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"Buy" button arrives on Facebook

A new button appeared on Facebook. It is not about the social dimension: it is not "like" but to buy. The "Buy" button is being tested in the United States, in partnership with small and medium enterprises. Specifically, a clickable tab "Buy" is integrated with some advertising, allowing the user to purchase the product mentioned in the announcement "with a single click."

This new feature is part of the ongoing strategy of Facebook against advertisers. It is always to maximize the monetization of content, but Facebook seems determined to go into high gear now. The social network no longer redirects users to the websites of advertisers, they purchase the product or service of interest. It allows buying directly from its interface. Objective of this maneuver improve conversion rates by simplifying the purchasing proceedings, without leaving Facebook.

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Obviously, consumers are reluctant to purchasing directly on social networks, unless it be given certain guarantees in terms of security and privacy.  Facebook for business officials announced: "We built this function with privacy issues in mind, and we have taken steps to help make payment safe and secure experience," .. "No bank data transmitted to Facebook for a transaction will not be shared with other advertisers."

Another argument about safety, "people can choose whether they want to save their payment information for future purchases." Because Facebook will, in this same desire for simplification of trade, opportunity, like Amazon, to no longer have to fill out a long form to validate a purchase. This could break down barriers to purchase, especially in the context of social games (games available directly on the social network).

Facebook strategy could be extremely effective: encourage advertisers to display their advertising on the social network. At first, it is to provide users with solutions simple and secure payment, so as to improve the conversion rate and boost sales by advertisers on the social network. 
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