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Automotive Grade Linux in Car

Linux Foundation announced a development project (Automotive Grade Linux) and its availability to create a standard Linux platform for connected car.

AGL is a platform that would enable automakers to rely on a Linux software stack for their cars online and create their "own user experience" as said in a statement from the foundation.

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After the demonstration Elon Musk and his "gift" advanced Tesla Car is the Linux community that roll up our sleeves to propose a standardization on a single open source platform in particular the elements of facilities cars.

Relying on Tizen IVI ( In-Car Infotainment) with the addition of applications on HTML 5 and Javascript, AGL offers a platform covering many functional aspects such as the integration of mobile equipment, the host table audio monitoring, reporting.

Each component has the prerequisite documentation design with its description, use cases for all elements and tools needed to use the software and contribute to the development of the project.
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