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Apple Confirms the acquisition of BookLamp

Apple confirmed that it had acquired in April, the company BookLamp, specializing in book recommendation.

Moving from a traditional bookshop, one of the benefits is to benefit from professional advice. On the internet, hard to choose among the long list of books that will appeal. Industry leader, Amazon, has understood. In March 2013, it acquired the literary social network Goodreads, which now has 30 million users who exchange recommendations and opinions.

It turns out that Apple also wants to provide this type of service.
The group confirm acquisition of BookLamp. Specializing in recommending reading, it has developed a tool to extract and analyze more than 32,000 data book. According to thematic and different criteria, the site offers books that match the search criteria the user by simple or similar to its previous reading.

With this acquisition, Apple will expand its range of ebooks with new services to attract customers and retain iBooks customers.
Apple Confirms the acquisition of BookLamp Apple Confirms the acquisition of BookLamp مراجعة من قبل fortech في 7:25 م تصنيف: 5