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Visiobike : a bike connected to the smartphone

The cars are not the only vehicles to be increasingly connected. Marko Matenda, a Croatian entrepreneur, has recently developed a bike connected to the smartphone. Beyond the finest materials, it has, among other things, a rear view camera that monitors traffic and records during an accident. Also, an app can measure different elements and prevent relief at issue. The first smart bicycle is marketed from 5327 dollars, but could seduce and be followed by other brands.

Marko Matenda, cycling enthusiast, wanted to make another smart way to transport.
After two years of research, the company of the Croatian entrepreneur has finalized bike Visiobike, who wants to be "e-bike the most sophisticated in the world."
First, it features high quality materials. Carbon fiber, it is provided with a motor to reduce effort. A version with a 250 watt motor provides up to 25 km / h and a second from 500 watts to 45 km / h.

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Beyond these features, the Visiobike stands out because the smartphone can become the dashboard bike via an app. On the handlebars, different information is displayed such as speed, distance traveled, battery level or the plan and the traffic via Google or Apple cards.
Also, GSM / GPS module to monitor cycling in real time. Ideal when there is a risk of flight or when the user does not know where it is parked.

In addition, the Visiobike is unique in that it is provided with a camera at the back. It allows to gain visibility without having to turn around. Also, in case of accident, it offers recording the final three minutes before the collision. Note that in an accident, help is immediately notified and are warned of the exact location.
The Visiobike is compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android.
Since May 28, the different models are available and bookable on the website Indiegogo crowdfunding. It must, nevertheless, have a minimum of 5327 dollars, but these bikes may interest fans, whether commuting or long walks leisure. 

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